Art Therapy

Art Therapy are private sessions where creativity and artmaking are used to explore emotions, feelings, questions and thoughts. Art Therapy supports and regulates emotional wellness and mental health and allows the participant to observe thoughts and feelings from a new perspective.

Sessions at Bridge Darebin are multimodal which means they incorporate a variety of creative artmaking including talking, singing, storytelling, writing, drawing, painting, printing, sculpting, movement, dance or making in a way that is improvised and unexpected.

Bridge Darebin’s Art Therapy rooms aim to be accessible to all. This includes physical and cognitive abilities, culture, gender and socio economic situations. If you are not in receipt of funding and would like to discuss options to access Art Therapy please contact us.

Art Therapy sessions are 1:1 and by appointment only. Please contact Emma for more information.

About the therapist: Emma Fayelecaun is a Masters qualified Art Therapist, and mental health professional; she is also a multidisciplinary artist and a mother of two.
Emma works broadly across both 1:1 private therapy sessions as well as relationships (couples/family) and group therapy settings.
She is experienced working with people who are living with an intellectual or physical disability.