Volunteer opportunities

Volunteering at Bridge Darebin is an excellent way to connect with and support your community – an opportunity to use and build on existing skills and learn new ones.

Did you know that volunteers save the community sector millions of dollars each year?
This saves valuable funding that can be used for direct services such as education and support.

Volunteering also provides the opportunity to gain confidence in a supportive work environment while looking for paid employment.

Here are some of the volunteer opportunities currently available: 

  • Digital Devices and Computer volunteers
    offer 1-1 advice on how to use mobile phones, computers and tablets
  • Laneway Lunches
    support our Friday community meal program by helping out with meal prep, serving and helping in the kitchen
  • Pottery support
    support kids and people with disabilities in their pottery and arts classes
  • Education support
    assist in one of our many courses: from gardening to computers, cooking to accessible arts programs  
  • Bridge Darebin Green garden
    help us care and cultivate our Preston garden every week
  • Sewing support
    assist adults in their sewing journey

Or email Amelia for more information here: amelia@bridgedarebin.org.au